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Lorain Lawyer Michael J Camera Legal News for Lorain County Ohio

Here are some selected articles relating to legal issues in and around Lorain County.

  • Judge Vacates Tite Convictions

    Via the Lorain Journal: Lorain attorney Michael Camera argued that defendant Robert Tite’s previous plea agreement with the State of Ohio never stipulated that the defendant never appeal. As such, not only should additional convictions be vacated, but because the State violated its own plea agreement, the original plea agreement convictions should also be vacated. The 6th District Court of Appeals agreed, and all convictions against Tite were vacated.

  • Fisherman Acquitted in Lake Erie Poaching Case

    Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cuyahoga County prosecutors who convicted 10 previous fishermen of poaching, failed to convict the eleventh and final defendant, Michael Szuch, 38, in a trial at the Lorain County Justice Center. During the trial, Lorain Attorney Michael Camera was relentless in discrediting the prosecutors’ evidence of hand-written notes. Judge Edward M. Zaleski found Szuch not guilty of theft and falsifying documents. Prosecutors failed to prove that Szuch had an arrangement to sell surplus perch to fish wholesaler Dale Trent, who testified during the trial as part of a plea bargain with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office. Camera argued that the mastermind of the arrangement was Trent, whose notes, Attorney Camera argued, were inconsistent and unreliable as evidence. Camera’s defense convinced Judge Zaleski to acquit Szuch, who was immediately released.

  • Defendant Charged With Murder Is Found Not Guity By Lorain County Courtroom Jury

    Via The Chronicle Telegram: Lamont Tarpley acted in self defense, says the jury that acquitted the 26-year-old Lorain man of murder, felonious assault, and carrying concealed weapons charges. The jury composed of seven men and five women delivered their verdict to Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Raymond Ewers and a packed Lorain County Courthouse in Elyria. Lorain Attorney Michael J Camera who defended Tarpley during the murder trial was pleased with the verdict.

  • Allowing Judge Switch During Trial Keeps Case Fresh In Jury's Minds Says Defense Attorney Michael J Camera

    Via The Chronicle Telegram: A Lorain County Judge overseeing a trial, because of illness, has been replaced by another Judge to allow the case to continue. Administrative Judge Edward Zaleski will oversee court proceedings -- including final arguments -- in place of Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski, who fell ill during a recess in the court trial. Defense attorney Mike Camera agreed to the change to help keep the case's facts fresh in the minds of the jury.

  • Lorain County Prosecutor Drops Felony Charges Against Defendants in Lorain Red Parrot Cafe Riot Case

    Lorain Municipal Court Judge Thomas Elwell dropped felony rioting charges against six persons, five of whom are represented by Lorain Attorney Michael J Camera. Lorain City Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Szabo stated at a session of Lorain Municipal Court that he did not wish to pursue felony charges where Lorain City Police clashed with concert attendees at the Red Parrot Cafe.