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Lorain Attorney Michael J Camera

Michael J. Camera is an attorney who defends the legal rights of clients in courts in Lorain County, Ohio. Attorney Camera has over two decades of courtroom experience, a thorough understanding of court procedures, and deep knowledge of Ohio Law. This combination ensures that accused clients receive the full benefit of their Constitutional Rights within the Ohio State Court System.

A native of Lorain, Attorney Camera earned his his JD from Cleveland State Marshall Law School, earned his bachelors degree from the Ohio State University, and is a graduate of Admiral King High School in Lorain. Attorney Camera's law firm has deep roots in Northern Ohio and years of courtroom experience.

Criminal Defense in Lorain County

Attorney Camera defends clients accused of criminal offenses such as murder, rape, burglary, breaking and entering, non-support, and various illegal drug-related crimes. He is well-known and often seen defending criminally-accused clients in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.

In addition to felony defense, Attorney Camera's law firm handles court cases in all matters of criminal defense and personal injury - auto accidents. Learn more about his areas of practice.

Death Penalty Murder Certification

Attorney Camera is certified by the State of Ohio to defend clients in all Ohio State Courts, in the US Federal Court - Northern District of Ohio, and the Supreme Court of Ohio. Attorney Camera is certified to counsel, and has experience, defending those charged in cases that could result in a death penalty sentence.

Law Firm Affiliations

Extending his legal affiliations within and beyond Lorain County, Attorney Michael J. Camera maintains good standing with the following legal organizations.